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The first duty of the incoming inspector is to perform artwork inspection. Other duties include reviewing the blueprint, purchase order, and traveler for discrepancies. Artwork inspection must be a combination of visual assessment and physical measurement. The artwork inspector must be able to identify both clear and less obvious artwork and design errors. Less obvious errors generally require the inspector to take physical measurements and perform basic calculations. Incoming inspection is one of the first opportunities the printed circuit manufacturer has to demonstrate his/her efficiency. Customers depend heavily on their board vendor to catch errors. If the board manufacturer fails to do so in a timely manner, he/she has missed an opportunity to service the customer properly. By waiting until a job is underway to detect errors, the board manufacturer may have jeopardized the competitive position of the customer, and, ultimately, of himself. Poor or nonexistent incoming inspection creates poor customer-vendor relations in another way. It is easy to go to the customer with a design or manufacturability problem during the first day or two. Nothing causes greater customer-vendor problems than waiting until the job is ready to ship and then trying to get a waiver for a condition that could have been identified and handled when the job was being started. The printed circuit manufacturer must identify and solve manufacturability problems as soon as possible. A manufacturer who is not ready, willing, and able to do this may not remain competitive.


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