Fibers: the effects of short glass fibers on the mechanical properties of thermoplastics

  • Harutun G. Karian
  • Hidetomo Imajo
  • Robert W. Smearing
Part of the Polymer Science and Technology Series book series (POLS, volume 1)


Glass fibers are added to plastics when it is necessary to improve their mechanical properties. The fibers may be short, or long. This entry is about short fibers exclusively. Short fibers may be used to improve both thermosetting resins and thermoplastics. This entry does not discuss thermosetting resins.


short glass fiber reinforced thermoplastics chemically coupled size interface polypropylene nylon 6,6 flexural strength 


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  • Harutun G. Karian
  • Hidetomo Imajo
  • Robert W. Smearing

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