The Impact of IR Surveys on Galactic Structure

  • O. Bienaymé
Conference paper
Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Library book series (ASSL, volume 230)


Most of the galactic stellar mass is in the galactic disc and IR observations allow one to observe through nearly the entire disc, giving access in detail to its morphology, from the inner bar-bulge, the arms and inner ring, the outer limit of the exponential discs to the dependence of the scale lengths with stellar populations, while the brightest halo giants completely probe the stellar halo morphology and structure.

Kinematic observations can be performed to complete IR multicolour star counts. Such complementary data will strongly constrain the morphology of the stellar components and give clues to the scenario of galactic formation and evolution. Some of the expected results concerning the internal dynamics of our Galaxy are constraints on the galactic potential in the halo, a direct measure of the rotation of the inner bar, kinematic gradients in the stellar discs and dependence with age.

The local stellar Luminosity Function can be much better determined using proper-motions, separating discs and halo Luminosity Functions. It will also be the only means to accurately identify existing intermediate populations like the thick disc, as well as other hypothetical populations (extended bulge or accreted satellites).


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