Where Galaxies Collide: Simulation of M81-M82-NGC3077 System Using a Parallelized Treesph Code

  • P. S. Li
  • H. A. Thronson
Conference paper
Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Library book series (ASSL, volume 240)


The M81 galaxy has at least 15 companion galaxies. The closest companions are M82, NGC3077, and a small Magellanic dwarf galaxy, Holmberg IX. Latest radio observations of the HI content in the system indicate that M81, M82, and NGC3077 are interacting (e.g. Yun 1992, Yun et al. 1994). Holmberg IX is at the same distance as M81 (Georgiev et al. 1991) and could be a byproduct of the interaction.


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  • P. S. Li
    • 1
  • H. A. Thronson
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Physics and AstronomyUniversity of WyomingLaramieUSA

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