Somatic Embryogenesis in Linden (Tilia spp.)

  • V. Chalupa
Part of the Forestry Sciences book series (FOSC, volume 59)


The genus Tilia includes approximately 30 species native to the temperate regions of Europe, North America and Asia. Tilia species are medium to large deciduous trees which thrive on a wide range of soils, moderately moist that are not too acidic. The main timber-yielding species are T. cordata Mill. (small-leaf linden), T. platyphyllos Scop, (large-leaf linden) and T. americana L. (American linden, Basswood). Some Tilia species (T. tomentosa, T. americana) are relatively tolerant of air pollution and city smoke, and are frequently planted in parks, gardens and city streets. T. americana trees are planted in most American cities and T. tomentosa Moench. (silver linden) trees are frequent in European cities (Farrar, 1995).


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