Marine benthic algae of North East Herald Cay, Coral Sea, South Pacific

  • Alan J. K. Millar
Conference paper
Part of the Developments in Hydrobiology book series (DIHY, volume 137)


The marine benthic algae from North East Herald Cay, Coral Sea, South Pacific, are listed with taxonomic, bibliographic and biogeographic details. The checklist includes 66 species of which 23 are green, 2 are brown, and 41 are red algal species. The almost complete absence of brown algae from what is seemingly a typical tropical reef environment on which a true coral cay has developed is noteworthy. All samples were from the lagoon, which forms the concave side of a crescent-shaped reef and which ranges in depth from 0–30 m. The endemic Caribbean green alga Chamaedoris peniculum is recorded for the Pacific for the first time, and a possibly undescribed species of the genus Rhipiliopsis was also discovered. Although only preliminary, the survey shows that the marine flora is seemingly typical of coral cays for the general region of the Great Barrier Reef.

Key words

Australia Coral Sea marine algae taxonomy biogeography 


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