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Since the first discoveries (Aubourg et al. 1993) (Alcock et al. 1993) (Udalski et al. 1993), hundreds of microlensing effects have been detected in the direction of the galactic bulge together with a handfull of events towards the LMC. The EROS microlensing searches in the LMC and (more recently) SMC directions are sensitive to the component of the galactic dark halo made of massive compact objects. The EROS search for microlensing in the galactic center is intended to study the galactic bulge and bar structures. Recently new directions, pointing towards the galactic spiral arms (GSA), have been monitored for microlensing, in order to clarify the galactic structure. The EROS team also searches for supernovæ and faint objects with large proper motion. In this contribution, recent results from the microlensing searches towards the SMC and the GSA are discussed.


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