Computer / Programmable Control of a Flexible Manufacturing Cell

  • J. Richard
  • F. Lepage
  • G. Morel
Part of the Microprocessor-Based Systems Engineering book series (ISCA, volume 6)


This chapter presents the study and realization of a control loop flexible cell. The first part is a description of the functional requirements, which define the functions that have to be made by the physical manufacturing system, the industrial information system, and the manufacturing controller. The structural requirements are described in the second part. They specify both the distributed control architecture at cell and machine level, and the communication architecture. The control loop of the cell is achieved by the quality control of the products and the monitoring of the equipment. The third part comprises the study and the realization of an experimental cell in the laboratory. Many functions form the running at the cell level. We only present the coordination between cell and station, and the planning of part handling. The realization of the communication functions is presented; MAP, Ethernet, 3+ Open, and Bitbus networks are used. The machine level is formed by three main components : the machine computer, supporting the supervision, the numerical controller, and the fieldbus which for example achieves control and monitoring of the fixturing device. The control loop of the machining process by dimensional measurement, is achieved directly on the machine by gauging or by a vision system. It permits to correct in real time the machining process, which achieves to keep optimal quality.


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  • F. Lepage
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  • G. Morel
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