Microprocessors in Data Acquisition Systems for Process Control

  • A. M. Weilert
Part of the Microprocessor-Based Systems Engineering book series (ISCA, volume 6)


Microprocessors have brought about major changes in the field of data acquisition systems and process control. A compilation has been produced of the impact microprocessors have had on data acquisition systems including sensors, acquisition circuitry and control units, process control including methodologies, measurable parameters and means of physical action and the integration and automation of acquisition and control including the realm of possibilities, practical limitations, actual applications and possibilities for future implementations. A practical viewpoint has been applied to all of these areas with an emphasis less on the theoretical and more on sources of specific, hard information. Based upon the wide availability of hard information and the obvious growth in microprocessor technology and capabilities the importance and growth of microprocessor based systems seems assured.


Data Acquisition System Signal Conditioning Feedforward Control Assembly Language Microprocessor System 
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