Automation: image analysis and pattern recognition

  • J. James
  • H. J. Tanke


The instrumentation for quantitative analysis of microscopic images has been discussed in the previous chapter. Quantitative analysis may vary from a relatively simple length measurement to a more complex determination of the enzyme or DNA content of a cytochemically stained cell. Recent progress in the field of computer technology has made available inexpensive personal computers (PC) that can be used for the processing and analysis of microscopic images. The microscope is for that purpose equipped with a camera and a frame grabber, by which the images are stored directly in the PC memory and are thus available for analysis. A PC of a few thousand dollars is able to accomplish advanced image processing and analysis. Moreover, it can be expected that micro-electronics will also soon be incorporated as standard in many microscopes, especially in those used for research applications, thereby offering a high degree of flexibility and “user-friendliness”.


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