High Latitude Agglutinated Foraminifera: Prydz Bay (Antarctica) vs. Lancaster Sound (Canadian Arctic)

  • Claudia J. Schröder-Adams
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (ASIC, volume 327)


Surface sediment from five sites drilled during Leg 119 of the Ocean Drilling Program in Prydz Bay (Antarctica) yielded a predominantly agglutinated foraminiferal assemblage. This assemblage is compared with the agglutinated fauna of Lancaster Sound and Western Baffin Bay (Canadian Arctic). Both areas have numerous species in common together with species which are unique to each pole. The seasonal ice cover, present in both areas, creates a dynamic biotope to which agglutinated species more easily adapt. Most mutual taxa are also represented in the deep sea of lower latitudes suggesting a possible migration of highly adaptable species between the poles. Other species may have originated in place and exhibit morphological resemblance, resulting from adaptation to similar environmental regimes. The species unique to each polar environment may be specialized to a narrow ecological niche in terms of substrate, watermass characteristics or nutrient supply. Taxa with a fairly recent origin may lack time for a migration over a large marine realm.


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