Experiment 2: The Cost of Chains in Parsing: Processing Declaratives with Unaccusative or Unergative Verbs

  • Marica de Vincenzi
Part of the Studies in Theoretical Psycholinguistics book series (SITP, volume 12)


The goal of this experiment is the same as that of Experiment 1, namely to test the MCP in the processing of empty elements in declarative sentences. However, contrary to Experiment 1, here we use unambiguous declarative sentences with intransitive verbs. The goal of the experiment is not to test if the parser prefers to build the shortest chain, given more than one possibility, but if, given two structures with unambiguously warranted nodes, the structure with a shorter chain is parsed faster than the one with a longer chain.


Subject Position Nominative Case Null Subject Intransitive Verb Unaccusative Verb 
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