Differential and Integral Calculus on the Quantum C-Plane

  • J. Rembieliński
Part of the Mathematical Physics Studies book series (MPST, volume 13)


Quantum space is an associtive coordination algebra Q equipped with a set F = {x i } of generators x i , i = 1,2,...n [1]. the reordering rule for generators is postulated in the so called Bethe Ansatz form [2]:
$$ \left( {x \times x} \right) = B\left( {x \times x} \right) $$
where B is a ℂ-valued n 2 x n 2 matrix, x denotes the direct product and x is the column matrix built from the generators x i
$$ x = \left[ \begin{array}{l} {x^{1}} \\ {x^{2}} \\ \vdots \\ {x^{3}} \\ \end{array} \right] $$


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  1. 1.Dep. of Theoretical PhysicsUniversity of LódźLódźPoland

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