International Energy Workshop projections

  • Alan S. Manne
  • Leo Schrattenholzer
Part of the International Studies in Economic Modelling book series (ISIM)


The International Energy Workshop (IEW) is a loosely organized group of energy analysts who all produce and/or make use of energy projections (see the OPEC Review Autumn 1986 and Spring 1988 issues for earlier presentations). Organized jointly by Stanford University and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), the IEW collects energy projections submitted by its members from all over the world on a standard poll form. These poll responses include projections of the international crude oil price, gross national product growth, electricity generation, primary energy consumption, production and trade. For reasons of comparability, the responses are grouped into the following regions:
  • Soviet Union and Eastern Europe (SU/EE)

  • China

  • OECD

  • OPEC

  • Non-OPEC developing countries (NODC)

  • Market economies, subtotal

  • World, total

  • Individual countries and other regions.


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