The World System According to Tycho Brahe, the Noble Dane. He Assigns the Earth to the Center of the World and the Sun to the Center of the Planets Which Revolve Around it (with the Exception of the Moon)

  • Otto Von Guericke
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Tycho Brahe (a man heretofore not sufficiently praised, for by reason of his ingenious perception, his enthusiasm, and his expenditures verging on the kingly we have more precise observations of celestial motions and canons more compatible with the heavens than ever before), in order to retain the earth in the center of the world, as popular opinion commonly held, devised a system of his own, altering the Ptolemaic and Copernican systems. By following the middle course, he allowed the sun to have motion, as did the Ptolemaic theory, but assigned it to the center of the remaining planets, those other than the earth and moon, as did the Copernican theory. He proclaimed further that the heavens were fluid. See Plate III.


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