The Height or Distance of the Fixed Stars from the Earth According to the Followers of Tycho

  • Otto Von Guericke
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There are others, among whom is Tycho Brahe in his Progymnasmata, Book I, page 481 who contend that the fixed stars are at a smaller distance from the earth, and are only 14,000 radii of the earth away. Longberg and others subscribe to this hypothesis. According to this calculation wherein the sphere of stars is 12,040,000 German miles distant from the earth, the circumference of this great sphere is 88,000 radii of the earth or 75,680,000 German miles. Thus it is necessary that the fixed stars near the equator progress 3,153,333 German miles every hour, 52,555 German miles every minute (which is 1/60 of an hour), and 875 German miles every second (which is 1/3600 of an hour), or the equivalent of a moment.


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