Preliminary Observations

  • Syed Nomanul Haq
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The Ahjār, whose full title is Kitāb al-Ahjār ‘alā Ra’y Balīnās (Book of Stones According to the Opinion of Balīnās, Kr 307–310), belongs to the Jabirian collection entitled Kutub al-Mawāzīn (Books of Balances, Kr 303–446). It is one of the larger texts of this group of treatises, having been divided by the author into four parts of more or less equal length (al-Juz’ al-Awwal/al-ThānīIal-Thālith /al-Rābi‘). As for the collection itself, Kraus was able to restitute 79 of its titles, out of which 44 are extant (see Kraus [1942–3], I, pp. 75–99). Ibn al-Nadīm mentions only four titles of this collection.


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