Mellin Convolution Type Transforms With Arbitrary Kernels

  • Semen B. Yakubovich
  • Yurii F. Luchko
Part of the Mathematics and Its Applications book series (MAIA, volume 287)


In this section, following G.N. Watson (1933), E.C. Titchrnarsh (1937), Vu Kim Tuan (1986a), Vu Kim Tuan (1986b), Vu Kim Tuan (1987), Vu Kim Tuan et al. (1986), we consider the Mellin convolution type transforms of the form
$$ g\left( x \right) = \left[ {Kf} \right]\left( x \right) = \int_0^\infty {k\left( {xy} \right)} f\left( y \right)dy $$
such that their inverses have the similar form
$$ g\left( x \right) = \left[ {\hat Kf} \right]\left( x \right) = \int_0^\infty {\hat k\left( {xy} \right)} f\left( y \right)dy $$
where the kernel (x) is called the conjugate kernel.


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