One Zone Modeling of Irregular Variability of Stellar Convective Envelope



One zone modeling of the irregular variability of red super-giants is intended with regard to the nonlinear coupling of finite amplitude pulsation with convection. The nonlocal mixing length is employed for the evaluation of the convective flux, the turbulent pressure and the turbulent power of temperature fluctuations. The radial pulsation and the Boussinesq convection are assumed for simplicity. The one zone is defined as the layer having the entropy maximum and the minimum at the bottom and at the top. respectively. The quasi-adiabatic approximation is consistent with this definition in fixing the zone to the same mass range. The spatial derivatives are evaluated under the assumption of homologous changes with the equilibrium homologous parameters. Then, a set of 6 simultaneous first order nonlinear ordinary differential equations are obtained as the one zone representation of the irregular variability of the convective envelope.

Key words

Irregular variability Convection pulsation coupling Nonlinear dynamical system One zone modeling 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Research Institute for Science and TechnologyKinki UniversityKowakae, Higosi-Osaka-shi, Osaka, 577Japan
  2. 2.Purple Mountain ObservatoryAcademia SinicaNanjingPeoples’ Republic of China

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