NOVAE and Other Cataclysmic Variables: Understanding the Effects of Accretion on a White Dwarf

  • Paula Szkody
Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Library book series (ASSL, volume 187)


During the past three years, the scientific community has had access to three operating satellites: IUE, ROSAT and HST. The data from these space missions, coordinated with ground-based photometry and spectroscopy, have provided unique fundamental insights into the physics of cataclysmic variables. The important results on novae (highlighting Nova Her 91 (V838 Her), Nova Cyg 92 (V1974 Cyg), and GQ Mus), dwarf novae (concentrating on the information gleaned on accretion disk and boundary layer structure), and magnetic accretors (AM Hers and DQ Hers) are reviewed. Future directions for research in these areas that will be possible with FUSE, AXAF, XTE, new HST instrumentation, the VLT, and Gemini are summarized.

Key words

novae dwarf novae cataclysmic variables disks boundary layers 


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