On Polanyi’s Notion of Rationality

  • William T. Scott
Part of the Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science book series (BSPS, volume 160)


Michael Polanyi was born in 1891 in Budapest, the fifth child of a brilliant family of the educated Hungarian elite, where the two traditions of 1848 Liberalism and pre-war Marxism and the new thought from Western Europe all competed for the allegiance of the intellectuals. Polanyi started his career with a degree in medicine and joined the Austro-Hungarian army in September 1914. Taking care behind the front of the victims of infectious diseases, he succumbed himself to diphtheria and while recuperating back in Budapest wrote an extensive and innovative paper on the adsorption of gases on solids. He first published it and then converted it into a Ph.D. thesis in physical chemistry, finally getting his degree at the war’s end.


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