Egg capsule morphology of five Hong Kong rocky shore littorinids

  • Y. M. Mak
Conference paper
Part of the Developments in Hydrobiology book series (DIHY, volume 111)


The morphology of the egg capsules of five Hong Kong rocky shore littorinids, Nodilittorina trochoides, N radiata, N vidua, Peasiella roepstorffiana and Littoraria articulata are illustrated. The egg capsules of the three Nodilittorina are cupola-shaped and never exceed 250 μm in diameter, whilst those of P. roepstorffianaiand L. articulata are biconvex lens-shaped with a capsule diameter of 300–400 μm. Ova are always singly encapsulated. The ovum diameter of the three Nodilittorina species is 65 μm and approximately 70 μm for the other two littorinids. There are species-specific differences in the elaborate morphology of the egg capsules, which can be used as supplementary characters for littorinid identification. A new description of the egg capsule of Nodilittorina vidua is given based on evidence from SEM studies.

Key words

Nodilittorina trochoides Nodilittorina radiata Nodilittorina vidua Peasiella roepstorffiana Littoraria articulata spawn 


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  • Y. M. Mak
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  1. 1.The Swire Institute of Marine Science, Department of Ecology and BiodiversityThe University of Hong KongHong Kong

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