Allozyme comparison of four littorinid species morphologically similar to Littorina sitkana

  • N. I. Zaslavskaya
Conference paper
Part of the Developments in Hydrobiology book series (DIHY, volume 111)


Eight species of the genus Littorina were hitherto recognised in the north-western region of the Pacific Ocean: L. sitkana, L. brevicula, L. mandshurica, L. squalida, L. aleutica, L. naticoides, L. kasatka and L. subrotundata. Using allozyme electrophoresis it has been demonstrated that, in the Kurile Islands, three of these species (L. sitkana, L. subrotundata and L. kasatka) co-occur, together with a fourth, still undescribed species (L. sp.). These four species were compared at 16 loci coding for 13 enzymes. All species were easily distinguished by diagnostic enzyme markers. The mean genetic distances and ranges between species pairs are: L. sitkana and L. sp. D = 0.622 (0.561–0.741), L. sitkana and L. subrotundata D = 0.981 (0.821–1.110), L. subrotundata and L. sp. D = 0.975 (0.955–0.995). The genetic distance between L. kasatka and each of the other three species was greater than 1 (range 1.123–2.087). These data suggest that L. sitkana, L. subrotundata and L. sp could be members of a species complex; according to current classifications these three belong to the subgenus Neritrema. However, the genetic distance between L. kasatka and L. sitkana is much greater than between L. sitkana and other Neritrema species, and thus supports the classification of L. kasatka in the subgenus Littorina.

Key words

Littorina sitkana Littorina kasatka Littorina subrotundata genetic relationships genetic distance sibling species 


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  • N. I. Zaslavskaya
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  1. 1.Institute of Marine BiologyVladivostokRussia

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