Skeletal SPET

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The value of bone scintigraphy has been enhanced by the addition of SPET with the principal benefits being improved lesion detection and localisation and consequently better diagnostic sensitivity. Bone SPET has proved particularly useful in the detection of lesions in large and complex bony structures where it allows removal of overlying and underlying activity from the areas of interest. Not surprisingly, the widest applications are found in imaging the spine, hips and knees, although other sites such as the temperomandibular joints, nasal sinuses, and mandibular condyles can be usefully imaged with SPET. A role also exists for SPET in the imaging of symptomatic malignant disease, especially when the planar scan is negative or equivocal. Overall SPET has produced new applications for bone scintigraphy with particular proven value in the investigation of chronic back pain.


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