The Selection of Decorative Paints

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Paint technology is not a study of individual products but rather the study of the interaction of substrates, primers, undercoats, finishing coats and the environment to which they will all be exposed. Any decision involving paint selection that does not recognise the importance of product selection and performance, as part of the total system, is likely to result in disappointing performance. Each coat of paint in a painting system has a job to do.


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  1. Australian Standard AS 2311–1983 prefers the use of ‘water-thinnable’ to ‘water-based’, and the former term has therefore been used in this chapter. Because the terms are not interchangeable in the industrial coating field, we have not necessarily adopted the term throughout this book.Google Scholar
  2. ’Latex paint’ is the preferred term for a finish based on emulsion resins. Alternative terms such as ‘plastic paint’ should be avoided.Google Scholar

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