Band and Time Limiting, Recursion Relations and Some Nonlinear Evolution Equations

  • F. Alberto Grünbaum
Part of the Mathematics and Its Applications book series (MAIA, volume 18)


Let Af the Finite Fourier Transform of a function f(x) ∈ L2 (R), given by
$$\left( {Af} \right)\left(\lambda \right) = \int_{ - T}^T {{e^{i\lambda x}}} f\left( x \right)dx,\lambda \in \left[{ - \Omega ,\Omega } \right]$$
One can consider A as the result of first chopping f to the interval [-T,T], then taking its Fourier transform and then chopping again, this time to the interval [-Ω, Ω]. This explains the title of this section.


Recursion Relation Normalization Constant Tridiagonal Matrix Hermite Function Schroedinger Equation 
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