Jacobi Functions and Analysis on Noncompact Semisimple Lie Groups

  • Tom H. Koornwinder
Part of the Mathematics and Its Applications book series (MAIA, volume 18)


A Jacobi function \({\phi _\lambda }^{\left( {\alpha ,\beta } \right)}\left( {\alpha ,\beta ,\lambda \in C,\alpha \ne - 1, - 2,...} \right)\) is defined as the even C-function on ℝ which equals 1 at 0 and which satisfies the differential equation
$$\left( {{d^2}/d{t^2} + \left( {\left( {2\alpha + 1} \right)cotht + \left( {2\beta + 1} \right)tht} \right)d/dt + + {\lambda ^2} + {{\left( {\alpha + \beta + 1} \right)}^2}} \right){f_\lambda }^{\left( {\alpha ,\beta } \right)}\left( t \right) = 0.$$


Symmetric Space Spherical Function Addition Formula Jacobi Function Plancherel Measure 
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