Absolutism and relativism, objectivism and subjectivism, are various in kind and degree. My subject bears upon what I take to be the most radical form of relativism — relativism with respect to truth. If P is true for me whereas — P is true for you, however, this can be only because of a contrariety in the reality to which they are true. If ‘true’ is elliptical for ‘true for’, then ‘real’ is elliptical for ‘real for’ — in this respect, anyway, epistemology and metaphysics are correlative. For reasons I need not go into, I am going to use the metaphysical vocabulary. I am not, however, going to speak of the relativity of reality. Reality might be relative in many different respects, whereas I mean to touch upon only two of these respects: spatio-temporal location, and personality. I am therefore going to speak not of reality’s being relative, but of its being centric or oriented, that is, of its being spatially, temporally, and personally ranged about a subject which is its center.


Type Species Growth Form British Isle Axial Skeleton Original Designation 
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