The High-Dispersion Continuous Ultraviolet Solar Spectrum and the Balmer-Jump

  • J. Houtgast
Conference paper


Among the intensities, determined at about 200 wavelengths between λ 3000 and λ 4100Å in the spectrum of the centre of the sun’s disk (Houtgast, 1965), the 32 highest ones (windows) were plotted and compared with absolute intensities given by other authors.

The intensities in between the Fraunhofer lines from λ 3600 to λ 4000Å, as determined here for the first time with high dispersion, reveal a detailed picture of several absorption features, one of which can be attributed to a Balmer jump of 0.03, a value in accordance with that found for stars and in agreement with the strengths of the high Balmer lines.

The much higher value of the Balmer jump for the sun, as quoted in literature, in reality refers to the total intensity jump between λ 4000 and λ 3600Å, which is mainly due to the crowding of Fraunhofer lines.


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  • J. Houtgast
    • 1
  1. 1.Utrecht University Observatory ‘Sonnenborgh’Netherlands

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