A Cosmic X-ray Survey in the Southern Hemisphere

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An unstabilised Skylark rocket (SL 118) was launched from Woomera, South Australia at 20:20 local time on April 10, 1967. The rocket carried a large-area proportional counter to perform a high-sensitivity survey for cosmic X-ray sources in the Southern sky. The flight was successful and during the period of observation with the rocket above the absorbing atmosphere, from 80 to 350 sec after launch, a total of 50 scans across the sky were obtained. In addition to the predominant roll motion of the rocket, a slow precession about a flat (70° half angle) cone provided at least two separate looks at every part of the celestial hemisphere. At the time of the flight, the Milky Way was almost perpendicular to the horizon and a region around the Galactic equator from Scorpius to Taurus via Centaurus, Carina, Puppis and Orion was visible.


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