The Plasma Aminogram in ‘Small for Dates’ Newborn Infants

  • B. S. Lindblad
Part of the Nutricia Symposium book series (NUSY, volume 3)


Many newborn babies, who are unduly short and light for the period of gestation (‘short and light for dates’ or ‘small for dates’, SFD, by definition below the ioth percentile for gestational age) show certain clinical features indicating impairment of prenatal nutrition (I). In addition to growth retardation they may suffer from hypothermia and hypoglucosaemia, sometimes with symptoms from the CNS. The hypoglycaemic attacks occasionally seen in growth retarded newborn babies seem to be aggravated by a high protein intake (2). These problems are also well known to those dealing with the rehabilitation of postnatal undernutrition (3).


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