How do Realism, Materialism and Dialectics fare in Contemporary Science?

  • Mario Bunge
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Our problem is to ascertain whether or not contemporary science lends any support to realism, materialism, and dialectics. Before embarking on an investigation of the performace of these three doctrines we shall sketch them, or rather certain versions of them. We shall then take a glimpse at their place in (a) the set of philosophical presuppositions of scientific research, (b) certain current research programs and (c) some results of research. The upshot of our investigation will be that contemporary science presupposes critical realism and supports a variety of materialism that may be called dynamical and pluralistic. On the other hand it does not confirm dialectics. We shall also make a plea for the elaboration and systematization of both critical realism and dynamical materialism, as well as for the adoption of a thoroughly critical and modern attitude in philosophical investigation.


Dynamical Materialism Contemporary Science Critical Realism Copenhagen Interpretation High Level Function 
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