Addition of Legumes to Sward

  • Robert Orr Whyte


Species of tropical legumes may be added to grass-dominated swards under certain climatic conditions, by overseeding with minimal cultivation to improve the growth and yield of the accompanying grasses (Henzell & Norris, 1962), and to raise the protein content of the animals’ intake; this, in turn, helps in the utilization of the poor-quality feed from the grass components. The introduced legume may also promote progression of the grass cover to a higher level, leading, for example, to the elimination of the undesirable Imperata cylindrica where it is a problem. Reporting at a seminar in Taiwan in 1962 on the possibility of using tropical legumes with appropriate inoculation, either in sown mixtures with grasses or for oversowing in stands of Miscanthus and Saccharum spontaneum, Davies (J.G.) stated (1970): ‘This is not merely important to us in Australia and to you in Taiwan, but to the whole tropical and subtropical world. There are vast areas of potential pasture country, but first class pastures in these areas have not been developed because the problem of growing tropical and subtropical legumes has not been solved.’


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