The Atmospheres of Mars and Venus — A Comparison

  • John C. McConnell
Part of the Space Science Library book series (ASSL, volume 51)


In this short review I will outline briefly the main areas of current interest for CO2 aeronomy, i.e., the aeronomy of the atmospheres of Mars and Venus. The discussion will be an attempt to distill the pertinent information from the many recent reviews containing information on CO2 atmospheres (e.g. Hunten, 1971, 1974; Marov, 1972; McConnell, 1973; Prinn, 1973a, b; Whitten and Colin, 1974). In addition I have included a summary of the most recent results (at the date of this meeting) which have been stimulated by the recent fly-by of Mariner 10 past Venus (Broadfoot et al., 1974). On Venus the discussion will be limited to the region above the cloud tops.


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  • John C. McConnell
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  1. 1.Physics Dept. and CRESSYork UniversityDownsviewCanada

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