Oxygen Chemistry

  • I. T. N. Jones
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This review of oxygen chemistry attempts to highlight some of the recent progress in laboratory studies of the O/O2/O3 system. In addition to the ground states, \(O\left( {^3 P} \right),O_2 \left( {^3 \Sigma _g^ - } \right)\) and \(O_3 \left( {^1 A_1 } \right)\), reference will be made to the first two excited states of O2 and O, viz. \(O_2 \left( {^1 \Delta _g } \right),O_2 \left( {^1 \Sigma _g^ + } \right),O\left( {^1 D} \right)\) and O(1S), (see glossary), because of their importance in the atmosphere and intimate involvement in the oxygen photochemical system generally. This area of gas kinetics and photochemistry has benefited lately from an upsurge of interest and financial support for environmental reasons and particularly as a result of the suggestion (Johnston, 1971; Crutzen, 1970) that the injection of nitrogen oxides (NOx) into the stratospheric O3 layer from the exhausts of supersonic airplanes might lead to catalytic destruction of the Earth’s O3 shield Clyne (1974) has proposed that oxides of chlorine and sulphur could have a similar effect. A state of controversy, not solely scientific, exists around this complex problem and those interested are referred to the relevant reports (AGARD, 1973; CIAP, 1972). It is sufficient to note here that, in the chemistry of the atmosphere, some minor atmospheric constituents have an importance far exceeding their abundance.


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