Early Aeronomy Results from the Satellite Esro 4

  • U. von Zahn
Part of the Space Science Library book series (ASSL, volume 51)


After 510 days in Earth orbit the polar orbiting satellite ESRO 4 re-entered the atmosphere on April 15, 1974. Within its experimental payload it carried 3 instruments with particular aeronomic relevancy: An ion spectrometer (ESRO designation: S45) provided by the University College London (principal investigator: W. J. Raitt), a gas analyzer (S80) provided by the University of Bonn (principal investigator: U. von Zahn), and an auroral particle spectrometer (S94) provided by the Kiruna Geophysical Observatory (principal investigator: P. Christophersen). Although the wealth of data received from these instruments is large enough to keep us busy analyzing them for a couple of years to come, I feel that some of the early results obtained so far meet with sufficient interest to present them to you on this occasion.


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