Justice and Law the Significance of “De l’Esprit des Lois” Bk. I

  • Sheila Mary Mason
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In spite of its shortness in relation to the rest of the work and its somewhat eclectic philosophy, the first book of De l’sprit des Lois has remained from the time of its publication in 1748 to the present day the centre of disproportionately heated debate. It achieves that rare distinction, usually reserved for the sacred books of great religions, of being all things to all men. Indeed after reviewing its fortunes and taking stock of innumerable commentaries, interpretations, denunciations and dismissals, one hardly needs more convincing evidence of the truth of Montesquieu’s own remark in the Essai sur les Causes qui peuvent affecter les Esprits that opinions are formed in the heart and not in the mind.


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