1964 – 65

  • Kurt H. Wolff
Part of the Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science book series (BSPS, volume 51)


Perhaps you wonder if I don’t have trouble finding the proper way of presenting these materials. Even a proper way. If you think I don’t, you may not know — or I may not know — the difficulties this kind of materials presents for giving an account that is telling and reliable. I want to present, make present, what these tutorials were like. I have given samples: glimpses of individuals in their responses to surrender and to the idea of surrender, and in their giftedness and opaqueness — of course, another reason for not naming names has been that some would have been identified in their opaqueness, directly or, if I had only named the talented ones, by implication. I don’t know what the impact of these tutorials was, let alone has been, if any. At one time I had thought of writing my students to ask them, but most, I am sure, couldn’t have told any way and if they had answered might well have been polite and unreliable. It just could be that the tutorial gave encouragement, especially to the more gifted ones, to respect and trust themselves more than they did before. Some of the documents I reproduced excerpts of indicate this, but I have no idea how long such encouragement, if there was, lasted and whether it might not have come some other time from somewhere else.


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