Absorption Systems in High Redshift QSOs

  • A. Boksenberg
Part of the International Astronomical Union / Union Astronomique Internationale book series (IAUS, volume 74)


In addition to the characteristic emission lines, absorption lines frequently are seen in the spectra of QSOs, usually those with high redshift (zem ≳ 1.8). About 10 percent of all QSOs listed in the compilation of Burbidge et al, (1976a) are recorded as having at least one ‘identified’ absorption system, meaning that a pattern of several selected observed lines can be matched with the apparent wavelengths of transitions (generally from the ground level) in a physical plausible group of atoms or ions at the same, although arbitrary, redshift (Bahcall 1968, Aaronson et al. 1975). Identified absorption line redshifts range from being comparable with the associated emission line redshifts, to having very much smaller values with relative velocities exceeding 0.5c in the OSO frame. Added to this, there are many QSOs having absorption lines not yet recognised as belonging to identified systems, both those objects already having one or more identifications, and others with none.


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