George Lichtheim: Sketch for an Intellectual Portrait

  • George L. Mosse
Part of the The Van Leer Jerusalem Foundation Series book series (JVLF, volume 2)


Why is this conference dedicated to George Lichtheim? Not, I think, because of his early journalistic work in Jerusalem, important as it was at the time, and not even because of the great impact of his personality upon all who knew him, but rather because of his contribution to Marxist scholarship. In all that has been written about George Lichtheim since his death, no intellectual portrait has emerged based upon his contribution to Marxist studies. But only such a portrait would do justice to his memory. I cannot write such a portrait here, but before a scholarly conference called in his name I must attempt to assemble some of the pieces which should go into such a portrait, and indicate what I believe were the main themes which informed his mind and his approach to Marxism. This is how George Lichtheim would liked to have been remembered, and this is the way he should live on in history.


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