An ESE Event for PSR 0329+54

  • Anthony Minter


Space Very Long Baseline Interferometry observations of PSR 0329+54 which, by luck,occurred during an interstellar fringing event, are presented. Separate images of the pulsar werenot detected. However, the pulsar was observed to be extended. The size of PSR 0329+54 during thisevent is 1.88 x 1.67 mas with a position angle of 30° East of North. This could be due to two separateimages of the pulsar separated by Δθ ≲ 0.5 mas or angular broadening. The observed image sizeis larger than the expected angular broadening size of < 0.1 mas from the observations of Britton,Gwinn and Ojeda (1998).


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  • Anthony Minter
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  1. 1.National Radio Astronomy ObservatoryGreen BankUSA

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