• Ermanno Bencivenga
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Philosophy in this century has often presented itself as aiming at the destruction or deconstruction of the philosophical tradition or even of theorizing as such. This goal is not without reason since, as I see it, philosophy is an essentially critical discipline, meant to interrupt our automatic reactions and established allegiances, and to open a space of freedom and play. Except that scathing criticism is not the best strategy of liberation: at best, it creates a void in which something new can take place, but unless something new does take place there we will be offered only negative freedom, only a theoretical possibility for play - not a genuine empowerment, a real expansion of our choices. Far more effective, in this respect, is the patient elaboration of alternatives to the status quo: the more numerous, detailed, and credible these alternatives are, the more they will disengage us from our entrenched habits, and without necessarily exploding ose habits they will make them optional - one possible route to take among many.


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