The Manifestation of the Intellection in the Universe in the Triadic Logos: the Turning Point

  • Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka
Part of the Analecta Husserliana book series (ANHU, volume 70)


The emergence of inventive/creative virtualities with the advent of the crystalization of the human condition takes place within the realm of the sentient/animal soul. It encounters there an already organized functional system with its own meaningfulness, its own telic orientations and having its own guide in relevance to the entelechial code and its oudine. The surging of the novel synergies galvanizes the already operative forces and stimulates in them random propensities thus far left untapped. It also disrupts, with the surging of novel forces, novel impulses, novel stirrings, the established rigid functional order followed up to that point in life’s functional avenues and operational lines. The new impetus sprouts qualities of significance, shapes, sentient streamlets, and undefmable myriads of propulsions that do not fall into the available modes; these throw out hooks with the aim of attracting even as they repel by their strangeness. Emerging in contrast and opposition, they seek response; left to themselves they are a dispersed lot. In seeking to enter into a constructive cohesion, they have, first, to go through the sieve of the available vital significant system and have then to find ordering constructive intergenerative links, an ordering pattern, a harmonizing principle.


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