Evolving Government Roles in an Increasingly Commercial Space Transportation Market

  • J. Rymarcsuk
  • E. E. Haase
Part of the Space Studies book series (SPSS, volume 5)


During the past few decades, commercial interests have established themselves in the space industry, becoming the largest segments in many space markets. The space transportation market has also taken part in this evolution of the space industry, with the introduction and growth of commercial launch service providers that serve increasing numbers of commercial customers. International Launch Services (ILS) is a leader in the transition to a more commercial industry. With the development of the space industry into a commercial marketplace, the role of government in space transportation has changed and will continue to change in the decade to come.

Governments are focused on three key roles within the space transportation market: use of space transportation services; development of technology and launch systems; and regulation of space transportation. The space transportation market has evolved from its inception as an industry fully sponsored by, used by, and controlled by government to an industry in which governments are special customers, development partners, and regulators. As the trend toward commercial services continues in the space transportation market, governments will evolve ideally into customers that are treated as any other commercial customer; partners that provide similar levels of development support worldwide; and regulators that promote commercial competition and fair trade practices.


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