Innovative Breakthroughs to a Reusable STS

  • T. Yamanaka
Part of the Space Studies book series (SPSS, volume 5)


Markets for fully-expendable/partially-expendable rockets including Two-Stage-To-Orbit (TSTO) and for a fully reusable human-rated Space Transportation System (STS) are discussed. Internet-related space business and in-orbit maintenance, the resupply of consumables, and the replacement of sub-systems are considered as the most important future markets for launchers. The corresponding state-of-the-art technologies of STS are reviewed, pointing out the problems. A new propulsion system, which could lead to a breakthrough for a reusable STS, is proposed.


Propulsion System International Space Station Combine Cycle Space Shuttle Rocket Engine 
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  • T. Yamanaka
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  1. 1.National Aerospace LaboratoryTokyoJapan

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