A Kinetic Model of Coronal Heating and Acceleration by Ion-Cyclotron Waves: Preliminary Results

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We present a kinetic model of the heating and acceleration of coronal protons by outward-propagating ion-cyclotron waves on open, radial magnetic flux tubes. In contrast to fluid models which typically insist on bi-Maxwellian distributions and which spread the wave energy and momentum over the entire proton population, this model follows the kinetic evolution of the collisionless proton distribution function in response to the combination of the resonant wave-particle interaction and external forces. The approximation is made that pitch-angle scattering by the waves is faster than all other processes, resulting in proton distributions which are uniform over the resonant surfaces in velocity space. We further assume, in this preliminary version, that the waves are dispersionless so these resonant surfaces are portions of spheres centered on the radial sum of the Alfvén speed and the proton bulk speed. We incorporate the fact that only those protons with radial speeds less than the bulk speed will be resonant with outward-propagating waves, so this rapid interaction acts only on the sunward half of the distribution. Despite this limitation, we find that the strong perpendicular heating of the resonant particles, coupled with the mirror force, results in substantial outward acceleration of the entire distribution. The proton distribution evolves towards an incomplete shell in velocity space, and appears vastly different from the distributions assumed in fluid models. Evidence of these distinctive distributions should be observable by instruments on Solar Probe.


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