Introduction. Circumscribing the Investigation into the active Ego

  • Edmund Husserl
Part of the Edmund Husserl Collected Works book series (HUCO, volume 9)


Let us now turn, then, to the transcendental consideration of the accomplishments of activity. We said repeatedly that a consciousness of the object is actually and genuinely carried out 10 only first in egoic acts; an object—an object as object—is only first there for the active ego. All of the concepts that refer back to the concept of the object: “identical sense,” “being” and “modalities of being,” “true being” and “verification”—all of these get their genuine character only first within the framework 15 of activity. We must now elucidate what this means, and therefore we must first of all completely elucidate what is actually accomplished on the lower level of passivity as well. It is endemic to the nature of the situation that we can only speak of these lower levels if we already have before us something constituted in 20 activity, ready-made; and if we abstract from activity, then the lower level is at first unavoidably and essentially still indeterminate, so that we can also have the purity of understanding the accomplishment of <the> lower level only with the successive investigation into the higher level. In addition, every 25 accomplishment of activity itself in turn sinks in a regulated manner into passivity, and is sedimented in the accomplishments of original passivity, which once more demands successive processes of purification.


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