Summary and Concluding Remarks

  • Manuela Schönenberger
Part of the Studies in Theoretical Psycholinguistics book series (SITP, volume 27)


In this book I have examined the acquisition of verb placement in Swiss German. My analysis is based on the natural production data of two Swiss-German children who are acquiring the Lucernese variant of Swiss German. One of these children, Moira, was recorded regularly by her mother over a period of 26 months (from age 3;10–6;01). I have considerably less data on the other child, Eliza, but her data do mirror those from Moira. The natural production data of these two children are supplemented by elicited data on sentence-repetition tasks, in which both children participated. In addition, I reported on a brief experiment which I performed with the children in Moira’s kindergarten class in Lucerne.


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  • Manuela Schönenberger
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