Anelastic Planetary Magnetohydrodynamics

  • S.V. Starchenko
Part of the NATO Science Series book series (NAII, volume 26)


A self-consistent anelastic planetary/satellite MHD system is optimally scaled. This scaling identifies key properties of MHD generators. Those are primarily located in thin (∼ r/R n ) buoyancy layers at the liquid core boundary. Here n = 1/3 at the onset of convection, n = 1/2 for the developed magneto-convection and R, which is defined via the preliminary Reference State of the planet/satellite, is about the ‘turbulent’ Reynolds or/and magnetic Reynolds number. Simple diffusion and heat equations together with non-inertia state for magnetic and velocity equations are proposed in order to solve the real 3D MHD problems in planet or satellite. Boussinesq and anelastic approaches are compared.


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