Performances of Minisat-01 Platform Subsystems

  • Fernando Cerezo Martínez


This paper describes the results of the MINISAT-01 mission after two year in orbit since the launch on April 21st of 1997. It also describes the MINISAT-01 behavior during these years and describes, the evolution of the Satellite, by subsystems. Graphics of the most important parameters will be shown to display the difference between the beginning of life and two years after. The paper details the most important events during the Satellite’s life such as the battery overcharge, temperature evolution, onboard computer reset, software updating, and communication failures.


Solar Array Time Housekeeping Interference Area Momentum Wheel Power Distribution Unit 
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  • Fernando Cerezo Martínez
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  1. 1.Departamento de Programas y Sistemas EspacialesInstituto Nacional de Técnica Aerospacial, I.N.T.A.Torrejón de Ardoz, MadridSpain

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